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Randstad holding nv specialises in solutions in the field of flexible work and human resources services. Our services range from regular temporary employment and recruitment & selection, to in-house services, professionals, search & selection, outplacement, and HR Solutions.

The randstad group is one of the leading HR service providers in the world, ranking in the top 3 in argentina, belgium & luxembourg, canada, chile, france, germany, greece, india, mexico, the netherlands, poland, portugal, spain, switzerland, the united kingdom and the united states. It also holds important positions in australia and japan.

 In 2015, the randstad group had approximately 29,750 employees, 4,473 branches and in-house locations in 39 countries. In 2015, the randstad group achieved a turnover of € 19.2 billion. The randstad group was founded in 1960 and has its headquarters in diemen (amsterdam), the netherlands. For more information about the randstad holding:

the first step to your tech career within randstad group the netherlands IT is an online application. A recruiter assesses your resumé and motivation, then contacts you with an invite for an online assessment. A conversation follows this assessment.

application process

 at randstad group the netherlands IT, we talk about freedom, work-life balance, freedom of choice, mobility and flexibility. Randstad group the netherlands IT wants happy employees and therefore offers a wide package that is completely tailor-made for you; the employee.

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with our interactive tech onboarding program, you will get to work full of passion and self-confidence and you will quickly feel successful in your new job.


about randstad group the netherlands IT

tech department

It’s not something you may consciously think about immediately, but if you work at randstad group the netherlands IT, you keep yourself and the Netherlands moving. As the tech engine of the Randstad Group, you develop, build and code technological solutions that connect our customers with (potential) employees. Solutions with impact. Because these solutions enable all our tens of thousands of deployed talents to (continue to) do their work day in day out. This enables the smooth functioning of the baggage claim service at Schiphol. Thousands of elderly people enjoy hot meals and care every day, and trucks drive from all over the country to the farthest corners of europe. At randstad group the netherlands IT, your work matters.

Every day, randstad group the netherlands IT is an important link between companies and organisations with ambitions and (potential) employees who (are going to) contribute to this. Thanks to our TECH solutions, we can efficaciously provide employers with what they need: talents, hard workers and professionals in the most diverse sectors; whom, wherever posted and broadcast, are indispensable for keeping our society running.  

At randstad group the netherlands IT, we make a crucial contribution by cleverly combining "tech and touch" through ensuring the use of technology and data to improve the personal experience of our clients and candidates. This way we not only make our clients' businessess , but also randstad group the netherlands itself, future-proof, and in this way we all contribute to the world of work of the future.

our ambitions

We realise better than anyone that work is an important part of a person’s life. Work stimulates you and helps your development as an individual. Work gives you an active role in society, promotes your development, influences your financial situation and determines your social status. This is why people are the most important value within organisations. The Randstad Group is both human and professional. It has been bringing worldwide candidates and organisations together for more than 55 years. We do this by thinking along with you. Where do you stand in your career? What challenges does your company face? That is what we would like to discuss with you. Not only because it’s what we do as a business, but because it is also our passion: bringing out the best in people and businesses.

who we are

randstad group, we support people and organizations in realizing their true potential. Moving them forward. human forward.

tech innovation with impact.

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