you put together your terms employment yourself.

honest about the terms of employment

We want to offer you the space to be yourself and give you the opportunity to learn quickly. That is why we offer employment conditions conducive to these goals and offer you the opportunity to tailor them to your needs at your own discretion.  

our beliefs

Randstad group the netherlands IT wants not only to be and remain successful, but also to have an impact in the rapidly changing world of work. We believe that the growth of people and the organisation go hand in hand. To help with growth in personal development, employability, freedom of choice and in earning potential, the randstad group has developed the following set of beliefs:

  • if you work here, meaningful work is your central focus.
  • you want to continuously improve yourself and your achievements. This means that you experiment, learn and continue to adapt to the changing world.
  • you surprise clients and candidates with your personal approach, supported by technology and data.
  • you communicate transparently and give genuine feedback (including compliments).
  • you don't do it alone. Collaboration requires self-reflection (and so you leave your ego at home).
  • you work on your physical and mental condition; effort and relaxation go hand in hand.
  • based on strength and self-confidence, you contribute or you decide to push your horizons. You always leave better off than you came in.

As you grow, randstad group the netherlands ánd IT grows too!

the first step to your tech career within randstad group the netherlands IT is an online application. A recruiter assesses your resumé and motivation, then contacts you with an invite for an online assessment. A conversation follows this assessment.

application process

at randstad group the netherlands IT, we talk about freedom, work-life balance, freedom of choice, mobility and flexibility. Randstad group the netherlands IT wants happy employees and therefore offers a wide package that is completely tailor-made for you; the employee.

working conditions

with our interactive tech onboarding program, you will get to work full of passion and self-confidence and you will quickly feel successful in your new job.

working at randstad group the netherlands it

tech innovation with impact.

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